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Many of the large department stores carry preemie items for you to chose from. Unfortunately, the selection is usually small, since the demand for tiny clothes is not as high as the demand for larger sizes. For some parents, shopping for preemie things can be a way to stay connected and provide care for your little one. And for some parents, buying clothing means that your little one has overcome the challenge of keeping his or her body warm enough to thrive without help. Whether it’s a small gesture or a major victory, it can mean a great deal to find the perfect item. Here’s a short list of websites that provide preemie products to help you with your search.


MedCalc: Interactive Growth Charts
Although it is not recommended that you compare your preemie to others since the condition of each baby is unique, here is an interactive tool for creating growth charts based on your child’s weight or length at birth to give you a general idea of how your baby is progressing

Life’s Little Treasures:
Downloadable apps for tracking baby progress and looking up NICU terms

Clothing for preemies

Preemie Store:
Clothing for preemies

Perfectly Preemie:

Clothing for preemies

It’s a Preemie Thing:
Clothing for preemies

Teenie Preemie
Clothing, gifts and accessories for preemies

Clothing for preemies